Faith & Service

High School Program

As a child grows, their needs tend to change and develop as they encounter many experiences through their schooling.  The Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids has created a program that is tailored to the needs of High School students.  The program is lead by Imam Hassan Selim.  The young adults are given the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of their faith in an environment that is positively challenging and inviting.  The program is held twice a week in the evening.  Various topics are covered, such as:

·        Quran Memorization

·        Fiqh Sunnah

·        Aqeedah

·        Tafseer of various surahs

·        Prophet Mohammed and his characteristics

·        Various Prophets of Allah (Isa, Mousa, Ibrahim, Yusef, etc.)

·        Companions of the Prophet (pbuh)

·        Social topics that have an impact on the development of their Muslim Identity

The high school students also take part in numerous and various social service projects throughout the Cedar Rapids area.  Some of the projects they are working on are:

·        Volunteering in the Salaam Sunday School program

·        Volunteering, planning and organizing the ICCR Annual Summer Camp


Quran Program

The Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids provides evening Quran classes for children ages 4 and above.  The objective of this program is to provide the opportunity for children to strengthen their memorization skills.  There are different types of classes offered:

·        Quran memorization for young children (4-6 year olds)

·        Quran memorization for children who are advanced

·        Quran memorization for children who require extra help in memorization

·        Tadabbur Il Quran (reflection and understanding of the Quran) for children who can read from the Quran

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6pm till 7:30 pm.  Classes begin the first Wednesday in October and end on the last Wednesday in May.  


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