Visits by Political & Religious Organizations


Policy / Procedure: Visits by Political & Religious Organizations

Date Documented: October 22, 2007


The ICCR provides a place for prayers, education and community events specifically designated and supported by the ICCR and its constitutional mandates.
Due to frequent requests to use ICCR facilities for functions not sponsored by the ICCR, our policy is stated below.


The ICCR maintains a strict non-affiliation policy with any outside groups (political or religious)
Outside organizations (non ICCR committees or groups) may request the use of the ICCR facilities to hold meetings, seminars, visitors, functions etc. It will be solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors to determine if the program has no conflicts with the interests and policies of the ICCR and hence permit such activities. These events can only be promoted after prior approval and express written consent by the ICCR Board of Directors.
The distribution and/or posting of flyers and other materials by outside organizations and solicitations/announcements by individuals and groups must be approved by the Board of Directors beforehand.
Fund raising events by outside organizations must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors beforehand
The ICCR holds itself harmless from any events, presentations or opinions expressed on the ICCR premises that are not expressly presented or directly supported by the ICCR.

This policy was approved by the ICCR Board of Directors on 10/23/07.

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